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World Series tickets 2014

With the MLB World Series mere weeks away, it’s not too late to snag a ticket at Golden Tickets. But don’t wait too long, because these tickets are hot!

A brief history of the World Series

The World Series, as it is known today, is the annual championship series of the Major League Baseball (MLB), between the American League (AL) champion team and the National League (NL) champion since 1903.

Before 1903, it was all a bit of a jumble because it was disorganized, and the rules were not set in stone, but baseball today is far less confusing and definitely more enjoyable. Watch for yourself, by going to the world series!

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Listen up golf fanatics!


Golden Ticket has The Masters 2015 tickets

I know it’s still 2014, but for big things like this you need to plan for in advance! The 2015 tournament will be played during the week of Monday, April 6 through Sunday, April 12 at Augusta National.

The Perks of Attending

Augusta National Golf Club is a private club and is normally only accessible to club members and their guests. The public may visit the course only during the Masters Tournament and only with the proper ticket or badge. So, getting tickets to the Masters is your chance to enter the prestigious golf club and watch an incredible tournament!

Head to Golden Ticket now to get your tickets!

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Finding Concert Tickets:

Getting tickets to a popular summer concert can be an incredibly complicated process to go through, especially if they sell out before you even get a chance to try and buy them.

Even if you don’t get the first release of tickets to your favorite concert this doesn’t mean you are out of luck, there are many ways to still get tickets outside of the official sales.

One of the best ways to get tickets to sold out concerts is by searching online for any available tickets being sold.

The best website to find tickets for your favorite events is

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Fantasy Football: A Beginner’s Guide

Fantasy Football is a game in which players select real and current NFL players for their “team” and compete using scores based on their team’s statistics. While every league can have their own rules, we’ve come up with some helpful hints to help you get started:

League Formats can be customized by adjusting:

  • Number of Teams – The traditional minimum number of teams for a league is 8, but 10 to 12 is more standard.2
  • PPR – Points Per Reception can significantly raise the value of some players and is the most common modifier to most leagues.
  • Keeper – Some leagues allow players to keep a certain number of their team’s players from year to year.
  • Dynasty Leagues – The players of these leagues keep their entire team from year to year and rookie drafts inject new players onto the teams.
  • IDP – Individual Defensive Player leagues allow teams to draft each player individually.

There are many rules to playing fantasy football, however with online guides, rankings and suggestions it’s actually easier than ever to play. Still, if actually going to the game is more of your thing, look no further than Golden Tickets for all your NFL ticket sale needs.

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FIFA World Cup – It’s on like Donkey Kong

3The FIFA 2014 World Cup is officially on! For consistently up to date World Cup news, check out

The World Cup features 32 nations and a total of 64 games. The United States qualified for its seventh straight World Cup and will advance to the second round with a 1-1-1 record. In the same group, unbeaten Germany will also advance as Ghana and Portugal are eliminated in the first round.

Teams favored to win this year include Brazil, Argentina and Germany. With massive expectations on home soil, Brazil possesses all the necessary tools the claim a sixth title. Argentina is a dark horse predicted by some to go all the way.

At Golden Tickets, we’ve got your FIFA 2014 tickets for sale!

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Securing Hard to Get Tickets:


Getting tickets to your favorite musician or sporting event can be incredibly complicated, here are a few tips to make sure that you get the tickets you want.

1. Find the date that the tickets will be released online or in person.

2. If the tickets are being released online refresh the page constantly until the tickets are released.

3. If you have to buy the tickets in person wait outside early the night before they’ll be released.

Or, if you can’t do this, visit to get the tickets any time.

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Baseball, It’s Better Live!


America’s greatest past time often gets a bad rap for being boring to watch. The game seems slow paced compared to faster sports like basketball and football, but nothing compares to going to the stadium and watching it live. Piping hot hotdogs and steaming nuts are just a few of the treats available to you at the game. A hallmark in most American’s lives, is going to a game with their loved ones and trying to catch that homerun ball. Watching baseball live is an experience that stays with you your whole life, and is unable to be captured by the television screen. Don’t miss out on an amazing experience, go to a baseball game!

Looking for tickets to your next sporting event? has you covered!

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3 Fun Rodeo Facts


  1. Spanish Roots: Rodeos began in Spain, and the tradition migrated to the United States with Spanish explorers by way of Mexico. The first documented American rodeo occurred in Arizona in 1864.
  2. Female Riders: Though initially rodeo riders were strictly men, in 1890 women riders started infiltrating the scene.
  3. Rodeo Vaudevillians: Before the World War I era, many rodeo performers could not live on rodeo earnings exclusively. Many supplemented their rodeo income by becoming vaudevillian performs, one of America’s earliest forms of comedic performance.


Would you like to see a rodeo? Golden Tickets offers rodeo tickets for great prices, for a fun-filled viewing of an American classic.


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