Fantasy Football: A Beginner’s Guide

Fantasy Football is a game in which players select real and current NFL players for their “team” and compete using scores based on their team’s statistics. While every league can have their own rules, we’ve come up with some helpful hints to help you get started:

League Formats can be customized by adjusting:

  • Number of Teams – The traditional minimum number of teams for a league is 8, but 10 to 12 is more standard.2
  • PPR – Points Per Reception can significantly raise the value of some players and is the most common modifier to most leagues.
  • Keeper – Some leagues allow players to keep a certain number of their team’s players from year to year.
  • Dynasty Leagues – The players of these leagues keep their entire team from year to year and rookie drafts inject new players onto the teams.
  • IDP – Individual Defensive Player leagues allow teams to draft each player individually.

There are many rules to playing fantasy football, however with online guides, rankings and suggestions it’s actually easier than ever to play. Still, if actually going to the game is more of your thing, look no further than Golden Tickets for all your NFL ticket sale needs.

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